unreasonable amount of memory used in openoffice build

Maho NAKATA chat95 at mac.com
Sat Nov 1 19:44:57 PDT 2008

Hi Luigi

I think it is okay. I'll remove this conditional so that
applicable to i386. I think I must rewrite the patch to
effective on i386 as well.

Note, please do not send me a patch other than Makefile.
There is a SCA or JCA issue...

I'm very busy these days and I'll attend OpenOffice.org conference
2008 very soon, please be patient.


From: Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at iet.unipi.it>
Subject: unreasonable amount of memory used in openoffice build
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 16:52:34 +0200

> hi,
> i noticed on my laptop (Dell X1 w/ 512MB ram - i386, RELENG_7 that
> openoffice3 is using an unreasonable amount of memory to build one
> of its components (during the build of resourcemodel, the offending
> file is unxfbsdi.pro/misc/qnametostr.cxx) which causes the build
> machine to spend a huge amount of time swapping.
> It seems to be a known issue
> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?format=multiple&id=215291
> and our port includes a workaround that is applied only on amd64
> with the following section in the port's Makefile:
>     .if ${ARCH} == amd64
>     WITHOUT_MOZILLA=        yes
>     LIB_DEPENDS+=           boost_regex:${PORTSDIR}/devel/boost
>     CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-system-boost=yes #i58343#
>     .if (${OSVERSION} >= 700042)
>     EXTRA_PATCHES+= ${FILESDIR}/amd64-gcc42-workaround
>     .endif
>     .endif
> I would suggest to apply the fix unconditionally (at least by default,
> possibly override it with some build option if needed).
> On amd64 according to the above URL the problem is particularly bad
> as it requires more than 4GB of memory (RAM/SWAP) but even on i386
> the compiler process grows well above 1GB of memory and together
> with other stuff (browser, X and more) easily consuming 2-300MB
> each, it is not unlikely to hit the swap on many boxes.
> Makes sense ?
> 	cheers
> 	luigi
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