Call for testers: MythTV 0.21 port upgrade

Craig Butler craig001 at
Sat Nov 1 08:35:01 PDT 2008

> I'll try it on a i386 machine next.

Hi Torfinn et all

After the deinstall of ffmpeg on my FreeBSD 7 STABLE i386 the mythtv
port installed as expected.  I am only able to test mythfrontend out
which is working great and talking to a fedora mythtv 0.21 backend.  

I tried watching livetv, watching a recording, interacting with the
channel guide, setting up new recordings.... all working.

I still get a core dump when I quit mythfrontend but this was also
happening with the legacy 0.20 version.

I have also reinstalled ffmpeg after installing mythtv and nothing
untoward to report so far.


Craig B

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