something screwey with qt4-gui

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat Mar 29 18:32:33 PDT 2008

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Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> On Mar 29, 2008, at 17:53 , Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I finally found that port: it wasn't named qt4-qmake, i found it in
>> ports/devel/qmake.  Like I said, no problem with me, but I think I am
>> seeing
>> that portupgrade, for some reason, got the name wrong, it is teeling me
>> qt4-qmake, when it should have been qmake.
> Not that unusual; a package name is different from an origin.  qt4-qmake
> would be a specific instance of the general qmake port as specified by
> build knobs.  I suspect you need to learn more about how ports works.

I checked, and you're incorrect, the name of the qmake is off, it's the only one
of the qt4 deps NOT to be prefixed with "qt4-", and that's NOT a standard thing
with ports, the name of deps must be right, not "close".

I don't know much about portupgrade, but I know ports itself well enough.  On
this one, I just dind't feel like tracing it down myself, I just thought to
inform (I need to be a lot more greedy with my time since my health went south
on me), but I'm not wrong on that, either the name of that one ouight to be
changed, or all of the others should.  It'd be possible to just fix the
reference to it, but that'd be leaving in a bug for others to trip over.
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