something screwey with qt4-gui

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Sat Mar 29 14:59:43 PDT 2008

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I'm not personally asking for help on this one, because I can get this one
easily on my own, but as an experiment, I decided to try to use portupgrade to
update my qt4 installation.  You might remember, I was asking for some help on
different promps that pkgdb was asking me, and portupgrade was the direct reason
(the only reason) that I was trying pkgdb; portupgrade told me to do it.

OK, I couldn't get a clear answer on pkgdb, but I finsally gort finished with
it.  I haven't any idea whether I did it right or not, but it completed.

Anyhow, I then again tried to use portupgrade to upgrade my qt4-gui port.  What
came back to me was this:

===>  Patching for qt4-gui-4.3.4
===>   qt4-gui-4.3.4 depends on executable: cupsd - found
===>   qt4-gui-4.3.4 depends on package: qt4-qmake>=4.3.4 - not found
===>   Found qt4-qmake-4.3.1, but you need to upgrade to qt4-qmake>=4.3.4.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/qt4-gui.
*** Error code 1

I finally found that port: it wasn't named qt4-qmake, i found it in
ports/devel/qmake.  Like I said, no problem with me, but I think I am seeing
that portupgrade, for some reason, got the name wrong, it is teeling me
qt4-qmake, when it should have been qmake.

This is just a hint to whoever runs those ports.  No response to me needed.
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