rsync 3.0.0 Bug + Fix

Jeff Royle lists at
Fri Mar 28 06:01:17 PDT 2008

Emanuel Haupt wrote:
>> Emanuel Haupt wrote:
>>>> I recently upgraded my rsync to 3.0.0 from the ports and noticed the 
>>>> following in my logs...
>>>> 2008/03/24 08:43:09 [96818] No match for refuse-options string "iconv"
>>>> Doing some reading I found this has been reported and apparently fixed 
>>>> in the git rsync repository.
>>>> Is there plans of releasing a patch for this port (soonish?) or should I 
>>>> just manually patch all my machines myself?
>>> There will be a bugfix release soon:
>>> I'll commit an update as soon as it's released.
>>> Emanuel
>> Thanks for the update Emanuel.
>> It's funny, I never really considered how much I do with rsync before 
>> this, turns out I do a hell of a lot ;-)
> Please feel free to test the current preview release, however I'll wait
> for the final release to update the port:
> Emanuel

Looks good Emanuel.

I have patched a few systems and have been running some manual tests.

No issues noted between older versions and the new pre-release.  No 
issues noted between pre-release server and older versions.   The iconv 
error in the logs is solved and no issues noted with --append.



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