ports system woes

Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Wed Mar 26 06:29:13 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 14:18 +0100, Michel Talon wrote:
> More generally i disagree with Kris Kennaway idea that all is required
> is to polish the existing tools. They are so obviously broken from all
> points of view, particularly portupgrade, that only a complete rewrite
> can do any good.

Um, while I agree with part of what you said, this is just plain not
true.  The existing tools can easily be fixed as soon as someone takes
the time to actually do it; a rewrite is neither necessary nor
desirable.  Portupgrade is, in fact, my preferred application, although
lately I've had to move to portmaster just because of the O(n^2)
inefficiencies.  It doesn't need to be replaced, it needs to be fixed,
and Pav's suggested fix is one place to start.

>  Needless to say, this cannot please those FreeBSD ports
> afficionados who are convinced that their toy is the best in the world.
> Let me recall that *one* person has completely rewritten the ports system
> for OpenBSD (Marc Espie), including the pkg* tools and all the Makefile
> scripts, and now it works.

Oh, please.  The FreeBSD ports system works as well.  Instead of
complaining, why don't you actually do someting about it?  Code speaks
louder than mere words.
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