Behavior of portmaster -e

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Mar 25 15:38:12 PDT 2008

Lars Stokholm wrote:
> First of all, I love portmaster. :)

Thanks. :)

> Second, I did a "portmaster -e docbook-*" and since it finished 
> successfully, I expected it had deleted all of my docbook ports, but it 
> hadn't. From what I could see it had just deleted the first match.
> Shouldn't it delete all docbook-* ports? If not, shouldn't it fail, 
> instead of just deleting the first match?

A long time ago a user proposed that portmaster support globbing for 
names in /var/db/pkg, and the user that suggested it thought that the 
way it should work is one port at a time. Since I didn't have any strong 
feelings about that, I went with their suggestion.

However, as time goes on it has become increasingly obvious that most 
users expect anything with a * at the end to match _all_ ports that 
match the pattern, not just one. In order to support that I will have to 
rework the parser a bit, which I don't have time for right at the 
moment, but should be able to get to soon.



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