FreeBSD Port: valgrind-snapshot-352_7

Stephen Clark sclark46 at
Sun Mar 23 10:32:23 PDT 2008


I am trying to use valgrind on fbsd 6.2 patch 7 to find a memory leak in
an ecpg postgresql app. When I run valgrind after a few minutes I get
this error and valgrind terminates. Ideas?

PORTNAME=       valgrind
CATEGORIES=     devel

valgrind: vg_malloc2.c:1008 (vgPlain_arena_malloc): Assertion `new_sb !=
((void*)0)' failed.
==4166==    at 0xB802BE1F: (within /usr/local/lib/valgrind/stage2)
==4166==    by 0xB802BE1E: (within /usr/local/lib/valgrind/stage2)
==4166==    by 0xB802BE5D: vgPlain_core_assert_fail
(in /usr/local/lib/valgrind/stage2)
==4166==    by 0xB8028091: vgPlain_arena_malloc
(in /usr/local/lib/valgrind/stage2)

sched status:

Thread 1: status = Runnable, associated_mx = 0x0, associated_cv = 0x0
==4166==    at 0x3C03894B: calloc
(in /usr/local/lib/valgrind/

Note: see also the FAQ.txt in the source distribution.
It contains workarounds to several common problems.

If that doesn't help, please report this bug to:

In the bug report, send all the above text, the valgrind
version, and what Linux distro you are using.  Thanks.

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