gnucash and goffice

Thomas Hummel hummel at
Fri Mar 21 06:15:46 PDT 2008


the gnucash-2.2.3_3 port doesn't compile on FreeBSD-7 STABLE (amd64) because of
a goffice header it cannot find :

  gnc-html-graph-gog.c:47:56: error: goffice/graph/gog-renderer-gnome-print.h: No such file or directory

Two different versions of goffice are installed on my system :

  % pkg_info | grep -i goffice
  goffice-0.4.3_3     GLib/GTK+ set of document centric objects and utilities
  goffice-0.6.2       GLib/GTK+ set of document centric objects and utilities

  % pkg_info -R goffice-0.6.2
  Information for goffice-0.6.2:

  Required by:

Only one of them provides the required header :

  %pkg_info -L goffice-0.6.2 | grep -i gog-renderer-gnome-print.h
  %pkg_info -L goffice-0.4.3_3 | grep -i gog-renderer-gnome-print.h

It seems nothing requires the following version of goffice :

%pkg_info -R goffice-0.4.3_3
Information for goffice-0.4.3_3:

I tried to tweak the CPPFLAGS but did not succeed.

Any idea ?


Thomas Hummel

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