Transferring ports

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Mar 20 17:49:54 UTC 2008

Peter Pentchev wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 12:02:42AM +0300, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:

>> The purpose is similar - creating jails out of host system in fast
>> and easy way, possibility to strip everything unneeded (useful for
>> secure minimal jails or flash/livecd/embedded installations of
>> minimal size) and add something extra, like stuff from /usr/local
>> without installing full packages in a jail, or, say, copying over
>> additional tree of jail-specific changes (mostly stuff under /etc
>> and /usr/local/etc).
>> Such an utility is something I still might start working on.

I don't use the host system..
I keep a special pristine jail just for that purpose (to act as
a source for other jails). sometimes I also use null=mounts, and 
sometimes if the jails are on one big partition, I hardlink some 
stuff.. e.g binaries in /bin etc betweem teh jails.. saves memory and 
disk.. Of course that is only when I basically trust the jail user

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