Utility for safe updating of ports in base system

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Thu Mar 20 09:20:20 PDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 09:34:38PM +0800, Denise H. G. wrote:
> Yes, I've had great impressions by the debian's apt- tools. But it seems
> that the debian package servers maintain an index or something for all
> the packages. And if you want to upgrade or install a certain package,
> you just fetch the meta info for that package from the package server
> and do a comparison with your local index. This makes versioned
> dependencies rather easy to play around.

Indeed there is a compressed file on the Debian repository, containing all
information on each available package. It is stored locally by apt-get when
you run apt-get update in a custom database. Similarly apt-get maintains
information in the database of the installed packages. Hence comparison is
easy and fast. In the FreeBSD case there is always an INDEX file in the
FreeBSD repositories which lists similar information (perhaps not enough
information) for each package. So in principle one could do similar things as 
Debian does.


Michel TALON

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