FreeBSD Port: openbgpd-4.0

Peter Spekreijse peter at
Wed Mar 19 11:17:36 PDT 2008

Hi Farrokhi,

I would like to use OpenBGPD and OpenOSPFD 4.1 on FreeBSD 6.3. Is there 
a way we can support you in creating these ports? We can support FreeBSD 
with connectivity/hosting, a test platform or even cash.

We want to build OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD routers for our internet 
connectivity. At this moment we're running two boxes with OpenOSPFD (on 
FreeBSD 6.2) and two boxes with Quagga (on FreeBSD 5.4). I would like to 
run FreeBSD 6.3 with the latest OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD versions so we can 
use OpenBGPD for our transits and peering.

Peter Spekreijse

E: peter at
T: +31-742672764
M: +31-641922460

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