How do you require Xorg?

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Wed Mar 19 14:29:18 UTC 2008

--On Wednesday, March 19, 2008 18:53:39 +1100 Terry Sposato 
<terry at> wrote:
> Awesome work with all of this, if you can put a tarball of the existing port
> you have done so I can test with it that would be great. I can do some
> testing against ESX Server to see what effects it has on Vmotion and HA and
> the like and report back.

Not so fast.  Last night I discovered that, while the port compiles and builds 
just fine, the binaries it produces all core dump.  Apparently 7.0 has changed 
so drastically that major work needs to be done on the code to get the binaries 
working again.  I am not capable of doing that work.

I could submit the port for 6.0 and earlier, but I have no machines to test it 
on.  Pkg-plist isn't done.  The installation bits aren't done except for the 
libraries.  So, unless you know how to create ports yourself, what I have so 
far wouldn't do you any good at all.

I thought this was going to be fairly easy, but this software is extremely 
Linux-centric and needs an experience FreeBSD programmer to get it working in 

I'm wondering now if it might be easier to just build it under Linux emulation.

Any thoughts?

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