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On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Alexander Leidinger
<Alexander at> wrote:
>  I can not confirm this. On my desktop I have the following in make.conf:
>  ---snip---
>  WRKDIRPREFIX=           /var/ports
>  DISTDIR=                /var/ports/distfiles
>  PACKAGES=               /var/ports/packages/${CC:C/.*\///g}/${CPUTYPE}
>  INDEXDIR=               /var/ports
>  ---snip---
>  but all my +CONTENTS are ok (checked with fc4 and linux-tiff).
>  Anatoly, would you please give a detailed description which setup
>  shows the behavior you are seeing? I would like to be able to
>  reproduce this.

Do you have /usr/obj? Is it being used during the build process?

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