FreeBSD Port: denyhosts-2.6_1

Daniel Dvořák dandee at
Mon Mar 17 02:25:15 UTC 2008

Hi Janos,

I have 2 servers with denyhosts and everytime I receive the security 
mail with many attempts to login to my systems and everytime I am 
surprised why that, if I have denyhosts.

I have found out from this link 
that I am not alone with these regex errors.

I use AllowUsers option in sshd.conf to speed up to deceide what is 
secured and what is ssh brute attack.

But as I see, denyhosts has a problem to determine what to do with it.

I suppose there is the same problem like in ubuntu/debian package and 
needs to be fixed.

I could add in-depth report about "regex pattern ( User (?P<user>.*) not 
allowed because not listed in AllowUsers ) is missing 'host' group", if 
it is needed of course.



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