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Op Sun, 16 Mar 2008 07:27:51 +0100 schreef Ion-Mihai Tetcu  
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> On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 20:49:34 -0400
> Ken Smith <kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU> wrote:
>> Someone (cough Dan cough) noticed me saying on IRC one of the things I
>> missed after shifting my home machine from i386 to amd64 was Opera.  He
>> pointed me at this:
> This is the new beta release for 9.5 series and it's the first to
> feature amd64 support for both FreeBSD and linux; it also drops support
> for FreeBSD 4.

It's not even a beta; it's a development snapshot, something we try to  
release every week (or as often as time permits) on the desktop team blog  
( The difference is that snapshots do  
not receive the QA that 'real' betas get, they're basically just builds  
coming straight from our development branches.

>> which it turned out was very simple to install (I needed to build
>> x11-toolkits/qt33, and just ran the that was packaged in the
>> Opera download).
> Seems they didn't do a static build for i386.

s/i386/amd64/, indeed :). We have yet to see what we'll do with the whole  
static/dynamic build thing; right now we have so many builds (not just  
FreeBSD, think Linux and Solaris on various architectures as well) that  
testing all of them takes up a lot of resources in QA, and we'd like to  
have less builds. For now, we'll only do shared builds for FreeBSD/amd64.

>> He suggested I send this to see if someone familiar with the Opera ports
>> would be interested in packaging this up into a real port.
> Well, the best idea then it to CC the port maintainer, which I did on
> this email ;-)
> In this I case I'm sure he knows about it, seeing that he works for
> Opera :) Maybe the -devel port we be resurrected ;-)

Yeah, I know :). I've been a bit hesitant in the past about resurrecting  
the -devel port, considering the developmental nature of the snapshots and  
the fact that the port would need a (simple) update almost every week. But  
if there's demand, we always welcome more testers :). Having FreeBSD 7 and  
amd64 builds out there is of course a big plus.

If a ports committer would like to offer being on the CC of submitted PRs  
so that the weekly updates can go through relatively quickly, that would  
be very nice :).


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