Transferring ports

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Thu Mar 13 10:46:01 UTC 2008


I have an idea and a request for people familiar with ports & pkgdb
infrastructure: a utility (preferably written in C, Python or as a shell
script) that would transfer *installed* ports from one system tree to
the other, including their dependencies. It would transfer only some
ports, specified on the command line.

The details: imagine there are two or more full FreeBSD installation
trees in the file system (e.g. complete jails). The utility would
transfer (installed) packages from one tree to the other. The easy,
brute-force way would be to generate package files (tbz) from the
installed tree and then install them to the other tree, but I can't do
that because of performance and disk space reasons.

Is there a utility that would do that, and if not, does anyone have the
time to write one?

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