Preparing an Oracle Database XE port/package -- any tips ?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Fri Mar 7 15:25:12 UTC 2008

Rink Springer wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 04:36:56PM +0200, Adrian Penisoara wrote:
>>   After having to deploy an Oracle Database XE [1] installation (with Linux
>> 32bit binaries from the official RPM package) on a production FreeBSD
>> 6.2machine I realized it would be very much feasible to produce a
>> FreeBSD
>> port/package for it.
>>   I would like to know whether similar efforts have been undergoing and
>> whether people came up with some tips & tricks on this.
> We run Oracle XE on two FreeBSD 6.3 machines at work - we've just
> manually set it up, but are very interested in a port of it. We did
> the same as you basically - just uncompress it and move the files in
> place.

Could any of you write a short HOWTO article, either for the "official"
articles section or for the wiki (or both...)?

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