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> I am not sure it would solve the particular problem, but one could
> take a look at how NetBSDs pkgsrc build system copes with licenses in
> general:
> For each license type, there is a knob. The knob could normally be
> interactive, yielding the exact same behaviour as now. But if an
> appropriate ACCEPT_LICENSE_FOO=Yes is found in make.conf, then the
> user has read and accepted that particular license type once and for
> all.

The purpose of this pkgsrc's mechanism is to segregate pieces of
software that use various licences so that users have a better legal /
/ philosophical control over what is installed on their systems. This
doesn't change anything if you have to go to the vendor's site, log in
and accept the licence manually.

> The downside is that this requires a considerable amount of work and
> thought. What should happen when the license changes, for instance.

Then port (or package, in pkgsrc terminology) maintainer changes the
appropriate line in package's Makefile. If the license in question is a
new one, its text is being added to the pkgsrc tree.

(BTW, are/were there ideas of implementing something similar in Ports

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