Thunderbird, enigmail, and GCC 3.4

Coleman Kane cokane at
Wed Mar 5 03:00:41 UTC 2008

Xin LI wrote:
> Coleman Kane wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to call your attention to ports/117285:
>> There seems to be some trouble when thunderbird is compiled with GCC
>> 4.x. The current manifestation of this problem is a segfault on the
>> registration (when thunderbird restarts) of the enigmail extension,
>> which causes the install to fail to register the internal enigmime
>> service.
>> The above PR suggests downgrading thunderbird to GCC 3.4 until the
>> problem is fixed. I don't know how many other extensions are affected
>> by this.
>> Either that, or the security/enigmail-thunderbird port should be
>> modified so that it displays a message warning the user that it won't
>> work after it is installed.
>> AFAICT, it only affects amd64. Maybe USE_GCC can be 3.4 on amd64, and
>> 3.4+ elsewhere?
>> Thoughts? Comments?
> It seems that latest thunderbird gives me signal 8 (SIGFPE) upon
> extension registration.  I am busy at work right now and have no time
> to investigate this, but building with gcc 3.4 did not worked for me
> (I've modified both USE_GCC to 3.4, using -CURRENT as of today) :(
> Cheers,
Neither way seems to be working for me now either, by the way... the
enigmail bunch keeps blaming the problems on "using unofficial builds of
thunderbird", but I don't really find that a fair excuse for an
architecture that isn't supported by the mozilla people. Obviously the
thing shouldn't be breaking here.

I'm getting SIGFPE too btw, not SIGSEGV.


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