Thunderbird, enigmail, and GCC 3.4

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On Tue, 04 Mar 2008 17:07:19 -0600, Coleman Kane <cokane at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to call your attention to ports/117285:
> There seems to be some trouble when thunderbird is compiled with GCC  
> 4.x. The current manifestation of this problem is a segfault on the  
> registration (when thunderbird restarts) of the enigmail extension,  
> which causes the install to fail to register the internal enigmime  
> service.
> The above PR suggests downgrading thunderbird to GCC 3.4 until the  
> problem is fixed. I don't know how many other extensions are affected by  
> this.
> Either that, or the security/enigmail-thunderbird port should be  
> modified so that it displays a message warning the user that it won't  
> work after it is installed.
> AFAICT, it only affects amd64. Maybe USE_GCC can be 3.4 on amd64, and  
> 3.4+ elsewhere?
> Thoughts? Comments?

The enigmail port has to be fix. I disagree to change in thunderbird port  
to have that USE_GCC. In the past, I have suggested Aryeh M. Friedman to  
check in Gentoo to see if it can solves his problem, but I don't know if  
he did.


Maybe you can try to remove USE_GCC=3.4 and 'make patch' in  
engimail-thunderbird then go in work directory and remove the gcc_hidden.h  
and touch this file. After that, try to build engimail-thunderbird to see  
if it works for you with GCC 4.x. Make sure Thunderbird is built with GCC  
4.x too.

If it doesn't work for you, there is another bugzilla that is blaming on  
binutils bug.


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