portupgrade, recommended by 7 release notes, breaks perl

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 1 13:53:04 UTC 2008

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Seems portupgrade can easily break the perl install.
> How? Well there are various modules which can be updated
> but are also part of the base perl and are hence required.
> A good example of this is ExtUtils::MakeMaker. If you
> uninstall any version of this port your done for, as
> trying to build it requires ExtUtils::Command which in
> turn requires ExtUtils::MakeMaker which was just deleted.
> This circular dependency would not be an issue if the
> uninstall somehow knew that the files where required
> by perl, and hence didn't break the base port ( perl )
> by removing them.

I think something is not quite right in your analysis, because perl does 
not depend on any external perl modules (it cannot, by definition).


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