CALL FOR TEST: Updates to pixmap, cairo, poppler, and firefox 3.0!

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Wed Jun 18 16:01:16 UTC 2008

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 00:27:38 -0500, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> TODO tasks:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> - Fix plist in firefox-devel, I hope to get it fix by
>    tomorrow or so in this week.

s/firefox-devel/firefox3/g.. Anyway, it's fixed and committed.

> -------------------------------------------------------
> How to use MC ports-stable and upgrade?
> -------------------------------------------------------
> You can grab marcusmerge[1] and run 'marcusmerge -m ports-stable'. If  
> you want to update your ports tree, you have to run cvsup, csup,  
> portsnap or different method first then marcusmerge second at the  
> everytime. If you want to unmerge your ports tree, you can run  
> 'marcusmerge -U' and be sure to update your ports tree to bring ports  
> back. Be sure to read in marcusmerge manpage[2] for more info.
> To upgrade your installed ports, you can just simple 'portmaster -a' or  
> 'portupgrade -a'. While we don't have most ports that depend on poppler  
> get bump yet, so be expect to get a bit problem in runtime at the  
> moment. But it is easy to fix by rebuild/reinstall port. To downgrade,  
> well you have to do it by manual.
> As for the MC ports (GNOME development) users, I have moved these ports  
>  from ports module to ports-stable module. You will need to run  
> 'marcusmerge -U' first then update ports tree then MC ports-stable then  
> at last MC ports.

Tom Evans has pointed that I have forgotten to point one more details.  
When you run marcusmerge and it will asking for CVS password. The CVS  
password is 'anoncvs' (w/out quote). You can see more details at .. Thanks Tom!


> [1]
> [2]
> -------------------------------------------------------
> With all of these changes, I want this to be tested in the pointyhat-exp  
> first before merges into FreeBSD ports tree. The more help we get will  
> get faster pointyhat-exp test and merge into FreeBSD ports tree. ;-)
> Cheers,
> Mezz

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