Call for comments - pkg_trans

Michel Talon talon at
Thu Jul 31 21:24:31 UTC 2008

Doug Barton wrote:

> BTW, I thought of another problem scenario. The user installs port M, 
> and it brings dependencies D1, D2, and D3. Then the user installs port 
> N which also has port D2 as a dependency.

Then D2 becomes available for deletion only after M and N have been
deleted or no more require it. I don't see a big problem here.
Perhaps it is however a problem for the notion of transaction, since
a group of ports flagged for deletion by a transaction cannot be
entirely removed after some time when part of it is needed by other 
ports. This means one needs to keep a very complete and detailed data
basis of the operations, of course. By the way, on the course of time,
ports belonging on a transaction are upgraded, may change name
(according to the MOVED file) so one also have to continually update
this information in the data basis. 


Michel TALON

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