Call for comments - pkg_trans

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Thu Jul 31 14:05:25 UTC 2008

Doug Barton wrote:

> You have some very interesting ideas there. Not that I want to dissuade 
> you in any way from doing this, but I would like to point out that 
> portmaster already does some of what you're suggesting and it could 
> fairly easily be modified to do just about all the rest of it. The two 

I really want the standard ways of installing and upgrading packages 
(make install, portinstall) to support those features.

> In terms of the rest of your proposal, off the top of my head the 
> transaction IDs should probably be saved in /var/db/ports. I need to 
> think harder about what format .... you could probably have a 
> /var/db/ports/trans/ and then save the logs of the transactions as 
> individual files by transaction ID. The wheels are spinning in my mind 

I don't think this is a big problem. I have an idea how to record this data.

> right now about how this could get hairy down the road when you install 
> a bunch of stuff as dependencies for fooport, then you start doing 
> upgrades on the individual dependencies the log of the transaction 
> quickly becomes less valuable. Some thought would have to be given to 
> exactly what the goals are, how long those logs should be valid/useful, 
> etc.

Yes, rolling back old transactions, after individual packages in them 
have been updated will be a problem. I see a way out of it if only 
portupgrade is used for the upgrading so information exists about which 
package is upgraded by which.

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