Problems with portupgrade && xscreensaver-gnome

Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Jul 31 12:16:31 UTC 2008

In response to Doug Barton <dougb at>:

> Bill Moran wrote:
> > It's a combination of a number of issues:
> > 1) The ports infrastructure shouldn't let you set options that don't make
> >    sense. 
> I think that one could argue that it should be _hard_ to set options 
> that "don't make sense," but I don't think it should be impossible. you 
> have to keep in mind that we cater to a very diverse user community, 
> from rank beginners to advanced hackers.

True.  My opinion: A GUI that _prevents_ novice users from selecting
incompatible options is a good idea.  Expert users can always manually
tweak /var/db/ports/ files if they want to override those restrictions.

> > 2) Why is portupgrade dying on a warning message?  Why does a poor
> >    decision on one port prevent everything on my system from upgrading?
> For the same reason that portmaster dies on errors, neither program is 
> omniscient. :)  If ports tools hit a point where it's not clear how to 
> proceed they _should_ stop and get user input. The next thing the users 
> generally say is that it should "somehow" proceed with the rest of the 
> upgrade, finish things that don't rely on the broken bits, etc. 
> Unfortunately that is quite a bit harder to do than you might think, 
> although patches are always welcome.

Understood.  But keep in mind that this was not an error, it was a
warning.  Perhaps the ports infrastructure doesn't differentiate between
those two as much as I think.

> > 3) The error from portupgrade does not immediately point me to the easy
> >    solution, it tricks me into thinking I have to hack the Makefile.
> I don't actually think that the error message you're referring to is 
> from portupgrade, I think it's from the port itself.

I can see that.

Bill Moran

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