Problems with portupgrade && xscreensaver-gnome

RW fbsd06 at
Wed Jul 30 23:38:51 UTC 2008

On Thu, 31 Jul 2008 00:11:56 +0100
RW <fbsd06 at> wrote:

> All port build tools make use of "make -V" to read vaiables. With this
> warning in place, you get something like this: 
>   #  make -V CONFLICTS
>   "Makefile", line 106: warning: Option KEYRING needs PAM, but PAM is
>   disabled. xscreensaver-[0-9]* xscreensaver-gnome-hacks-[0-9]*
> which no tool is going to be able to parse

Having said that, of course the warning should go to stderr. The problem
seems to be that portupgrade does a 2>&1

   output = `cd #{portdir} && #{shelljoin(*cmdargs)} -V PKGNAME -V IGNORE -V NO_IGNORE 2>&1`.to_a

  if output.size != 3
    warning_message "Makefile possibly broken: #{origin}:"

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