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Vladimir Chukharev Vladimir.Chukharev at
Wed Jul 30 11:24:50 UTC 2008

On Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:09:16 +0300, Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:

> V.Chukharev wrote:

>> I have found why there is a difference in INDEX-7 generated with and without caching.
>> Without cache security/p5-openxpki* (6 connected ports) are indexed as depending on
>> both openssl-0.9.8h_1 and openssl-beta-0.9.8h_1 (beta is not actually installed),
>> while with cache the second dependence is lost. This is due to WITH_OPENSSL_BETA
>> defined in security/p5-openxpki/Makefile (master for other slave ports).
>> So, Dirk, you are right, cashing breaks current behavior.
> No, it means that you need to add extra checks to how the cached value
> is used.

This is also true, but it might be spreaded over many ports and/or bsd.*.mk files...

> Kris
>> But now I wonder if the current behavior is correct and if security/p5-openxpki is
>> correct. IMHO at least one of the two dependences is in err.

Can you comment on this?

>>> Best regards,
>>> Vladimir
>>>> Kris

Vladimir Chukharev
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