newbie porter question: configure expects installed lib (wx-gtk) to have a different name

Freddie Cash fjwcash at
Mon Jul 28 20:56:11 UTC 2008

On July 28, 2008 12:06 pm Steve Franks wrote:
> I'm making a new port of a linux program.
> I've figured out how to get the dependenices for wx so it's installed,
> but now I get an error when configure is called, because it's looking
> for the script wx-config, which is getting installed by the dependancy
> as wxgtk2-2.8-config.  Should I be making a symlink for this?  If so,
> how do I get make to create that symlink?

This is where you would create a patch that modifies configure to look for 
wxtk2-2.8-config instead of wx-config.

See the Porter's Handbook for the details.

The method would be something like:
  # cd <port dir>
  # mkdir files
  # make extract
  # cd work/<sourcedir>/
  # cp configure configure.orig
  # ee configure
  <make it look for the correct file>
  # diff -u configure configure.orig > ../../files/patch::configure
  # cd <port dir>
  # make clean
  # make patch
  <check that it applied cleanly>
  # make configure
  <check that it works>

Depending on how the source uses autotools, you may have to edit instead of configure.
Freddie Cash
fjwcash at

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