Q: Is there any use for Oracle database port installation under Linux compat root ?

Adrian Penisoara ady at freebsd.ady.ro
Sun Jul 27 10:47:37 UTC 2008


  I am working on a FreeBSD port for Oracle's XE database package[1] (Linux
binaries) and I stumbled upon some issues related to USE_LINUX_PREFIX.
Before going any further trying to support (as an option) installing the
Oracle XE directly under the /compat/linux hierarchy (like the
database/linux-oracle-instantclient-* ports are doing), I have to ask ask
around the following:

(1) Is there any real need/benefit to have an Oracle DB installation rooted
under /compat/linux (e.g. /compat/linux/usr/lib/oracle/xe/...) ? Side note:
in this case all shell scripts will need to be ran under

(2) How does one deal with installing manual pages and shared files with
USE_LINUX_PREFIX -- do they also have to go under /compat/linux ? Using
${MANPREFIX} as a template gives wrong results in this case...

PS: The port will try to install by default under /usr/lib/oracle/xe, per
Oracle's  Linux packaging specs (all of the shell/SQL scripts use this
hardcoded path).

[1] http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/xe/index.html

Thank you for your time,
Adrian Penisoara
ROFUG / EnterpriseBSD

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