Mk/ optimization

Kris Kennaway kris at
Fri Jul 25 09:49:45 UTC 2008

Dirk Meyer wrote:
> V.Chukharev schrieb:,
>> So I looked through some Mk stuff, and tryed to optimize it. Since I do not
>> know any magic of bsd.*.mk, I did just a simple test. And with the below shown
>> patch the time is only 1500 s, while with the original version the time is more
>> than 15000 s. I guess the time depens very much on number of installed ports,
>> I have about 1300.
>> The resulting INDEX* files are identical.
>> I should confess I do not understand how my patch works. I expected to see a 
>> file /usr/ports/.openssl_installed or /tmp/index_something/.openssl_installed
>> or similar, but could not see it... But I hope this patch will inspire you 
>> to do something really working. 
> This patch breaks the desired funtion.
> To speedup index build you can add in in your /etc/make.conf
> or
> The linker will pull in the latests version of,
> So this check is necessary to detect an installed port version,
> and record the correct dependency.
> The result can be cached only if no other ports or package is installed.
> So you are right that make index could be otimized,
> but it will take much more work.

Why can't you cache it in as I suggested?


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