Configure fails for ekiga-2.0.11_4

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Thu Jul 24 01:23:07 UTC 2008

I've just run into this upgrading Gnome to 2.22.3:

===>  Configuring for ekiga-2.0.11_4
/usr/bin/sed -i.bak -e 
"s,PWLIB_REC_VERSION=.*,PWLIB_REC_VERSION=`ptlib-config  --version`,"  
-e "s,OPAL_REC_VERSION=.*,OPAL_REC_VERSION=`/usr/bin/awk  '/define 
OPAL_VERSION/  {printf $NF}' 
checking for PWLib includes in /usr/local/include/...
checking for /usr/local/include/ptlib/pprocess.h... yes
checking for read in -lpt... no
configure: error: You need the PWLib library to compile Ekiga
===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.

AFAICS I have the library installed:

# pkg_info | grep -i pw
pwlib-1.12.0_3,1    A cross platform C++ library, used by OpenH323

config.log is attached.

Any ideas appreciated


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