Managing bsdpan

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at
Tue Jul 22 12:42:17 UTC 2008

David Southwell wrote:
> The following  portsupgrade reports for bsdpan lead me to ask a few trivial 
> questions  and suggestions (see below)

> 1. why are some packages listed in the format:
> - isc/p5-Array-Compare (bsdpan-Array-Compare-1.15)
> rather than:
> -  (bsdpan-libwww-perl-5.813)

Ports tree contains the port for the given package and knows its correct 

> Is this indicative of an inconsistency in my system administration or  
> inconsistencies between package make files?


> 2. There is another question on similar lines because some packages helpfully 
> show the hierarchy in the ports tree etc:
>  devel/***  
> rather than simply 
> ***

Why 'devel/'? There's no confidence that thees packages have their 
corresponding ports.

Please note that bsdpan-* is not a port name or part of it. It's the 
name of installed package.

> 3. In regard to bsdpan apropos generates:
> # apropos bsdpan
> bsdpan: nothing appropriate
> # 

True. Perl packages installed directly from bsdpan or from tarballs 
automatically do create corresponding package entry in '/var/db/pkg'. 
How kind of them, really.

> 4. A search on freebsd website under bsdpan brings reference to the inclusion 
> of bsdpan in the ports distribution but not to any documentation on its use.

I'm not a perl junkie. Try hitting CPAN instead.

> 5. # locate bsdpan brings a list of bsdpan packages in /var/db/pkg but no 
> other files documentation etc.

True. See 3.

> 7 If something does exist could it be incorporated into the ports tree e.g 
> ports/BSDPAN_README for holding general guidelines about using the BSDPAN and 
> covering such issues as advice about holding packages etc.

Not by me, really. Try to invetigate this and write it down then propose 
it for inclusion.

> 9. Would not a current index of BSDPAN ports  e.g ports/BSDPAN_INDEX including 
> a short description also be useful?

Reply hazy. Ports ain't really the correct place for this staff. Try 
hitting CPAN.

PS: Personally I don't accept the possibility of installation of 
unhandled / unmaintained software (e.g. not found in ports) on any 
hardware supervised by me. Any piece of junk which need to be installed 
and maintained should have a corresponding person, responsible for it 
"freshness" and usability.

Sphinx of black quartz judge my vow.

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