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John Marshall john.marshall at
Tue Jul 22 00:21:41 UTC 2008

On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, 11:23 -0600, Eric Zimmerman wrote:
> Paul Schmehl wrote:
> >--On Monday, July 21, 2008 09:55:07 -0600 Eric Zimmerman 
> ><heli at> wrote:
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> >>any idea what command line options changed based on your experience? I 
> >>didnt
> >>see mention of command line changes at:

> i did a comparison against the new version and there arent any missing 
> or changed command line switches.

First of all, an apology for any confusion. I've just checked and found
that I actually install webalizer via the www/geolizer port, which
includes the GeoIP functionality. It was that area, in particular, where
things came unstuck. Changes for people who don't use GeoIP are probably

So, more particularly, I am referring to differences between the


I was bitten by the changes relating to use of the GeoIP database. When
my reports ran with the new version, there was no geographic
information: all of the sites were summarized in one line as, "Unkown".
When I explicitly switched that on, the country flags were missing: they
had to be switched on explicitly as well.

Adding the following to my config files got me (more or less) back to
the output my customers are used to seeing:

  GeoIP           yes
  CountryFlags    yes

This is equivalent to adding the (changed) command switch "-w" and the
(new) command switch "-z flags".

The Geo databases are no longer consulted by default, they have to be
switched on. The flags are no longer included by default, they have to
be switched on.

For reference, here is a diff between the "webalizer -V; webalizer -h"
output for old and new versions. Note particularly how the "-w" switch
now has the opposite meaning and how switches have been added to
explicitly enable functionality which used to be dafault.

  < Webalizer V2.01-10-glzr (FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p2) English
  < Copyright 1997-2001 by Bradford L. Barrett
  > Webalizer V2.20-01 (FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p3 i386) English
  > Copyright 1997-2008 by Bradford L. Barrett
  < -v -V     = print version information
  > -V        = print version information
  > -v        = be verbose
  < -F type   = Log type.  type= (clf | ftp | squid)
  > -F type   = Log type.  type= (clf | ftp | squid | w3c)
  > -b        = ignore state (incremental)
  > -O name   = Omit page 'name'
  > -K num    = num months in summary table
  > -k num    = num months in summary graph
  > -z dir    = Use country flags in 'dir'
  < -w        = Disable GeoIP feature
  < -W file   = Use specific GeoIP database 'file'
  > -j        = Enable native GeoDB lookups
  > -J name   = Use GeoDB database 'name'
  > -w        = Enable GeoIP lookups
  > -W name   = Use GeoIP database 'name'

Hope this helps someone else.

John Marshall

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