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Mon Jul 21 16:53:58 UTC 2008

--On Monday, July 21, 2008 09:55:07 -0600 Eric Zimmerman <heli at> 
> thanks for the info. The main webalizer page states:
> July 12, 2008  	 	Version 2.20-01 has been released. This is a drop in
> replacement for sites running v2.01 with no additional changes required, and
> all users are encouraged to upgrade when possible. Many new and exciting
> features have been added in this release. See the  CHANGES file for a list of
> what's been changed/added/fixed. Go to the download page to obtain a copy in
> your preferred format.
> any idea what command line options changed based on your experience? I didnt
> see mention of command line changes at:

Just for reference:

# webalizer -V
Webalizer V2.01-10 (FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE) English
Copyright 1997-2001 by Bradford L. Barrett

# webalizer -h
Usage: webalizer [options] [log file]
-h        = print this help message
-v -V     = print version information
-d        = print additional debug info
-F type   = Log type.  type= (clf | ftp | squid)
-f        = Fold sequence errors
-i        = ignore history file
-p        = preserve state (incremental)
-q        = supress informational messages
-Q        = supress _ALL_ messages
-Y        = supress country graph
-G        = supress hourly graph
-H        = supress hourly stats
-L        = supress color coded graph legends
-l num    = use num background lines on graph
-m num    = Visit timout value (seconds)
-T        = print timing information
-c file   = use configuration file 'file'
-n name   = hostname to use
-o dir    = output directory to use
-t name   = report title 'name'
-a name   = hide user agent 'name'
-r name   = hide referrer 'name'
-s name   = hide site 'name'
-u name   = hide URL 'name'
-x name   = Use filename extension 'name'
-P name   = Page type extension 'name'
-I name   = Index alias 'name'
-A num    = Display num top agents
-C num    = Display num top countries
-R num    = Display num top referrers
-S num    = Display num top sites
-U num    = Display num top URLs
-e num    = Display num top Entry Pages
-E num    = Display num top Exit Pages
-g num    = Group Domains to 'num' levels
-X        = Hide individual sites
-D name   = Use DNS Cache file 'name'
-N num    = Number of DNS processes (0=disable)

I haven't upgraded yet, so you can compare this with the current port and see 
what's changed.

Paul Schmehl
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