BIG Update for www/webalizer

Eric Zimmerman heli at
Mon Jul 21 16:16:25 UTC 2008

John Marshall wrote:
> I updated ports on one of our web servers today and discovered that
> webalizer is suddenly a lot different.
> A couple of days ago the port was upgraded from 2.1.10 to 2.20.1.
> - command line switches have changed
> - configuration file options have changed
> - defaults have changed
> Nothing in /usr/ports/UPDATING :-)
> WARNING: Check the man page and your config files before blindly running
> the new version!

thanks for the info. The main webalizer page states:

July 12, 2008  	 	Version 2.20-01 has been released. This is a drop in 
replacement for sites running v2.01 with no additional changes required, 
and all users are encouraged to upgrade when possible. Many new and 
exciting features have been added in this release. See the  CHANGES file 
for a list of what's been changed/added/fixed. Go to the download page 
to obtain a copy in your preferred format.

any idea what command line options changed based on your experience? I 
didnt see mention of command line changes at:


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