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Sun Jul 20 03:37:01 UTC 2008

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Mikhail Goriachev wrote:
| Quoting Xin LI <delphij at>:
|> I have just committed it as openldap-server-2.4.10_1.  We may want to
|> revise the way we handle DATABASEDIR, which we used to create
|> automatically upon installation.  Using values from configuration file
|> would be definitely better, thanks for your submission!
| Thanks a lot for that!
| I revised a few things in regard with the DATABASEDIR which led to some
| modifications. It goes like this:
| 1.- When installing from ports, the DATABASEDIR will be always created
| no matter what the pkg-plist says. However, when installing a packaged
| version, then it is possible to control the creation of the directory.
| Patch for "" disables the automatic
| installation of the DATABASEDIR and makes installation from ports and
| package consistent with one another.
| 2.- Since automatic creation of the DATABASEDIR has been disabled, then
| the slapd script uses the value of directory from slapd.conf, creates
| the folder, populates it (puts DB_CONFIG) and starts slap daemon.
| Patch for "" automatically handles the DATABASEDIR from the
| "directory" entry located in slapd.conf. Also it quenches the following
| error by placing DB_CONFIG:
| bdb_db_open: warning - no DB_CONFIG file found in directory
| /var/db/openldap-data: (2). Expect poor performance for suffix
| "dc=my-domain,dc=com".
| 3.- When un-installing, a message is shown about deleting the database
| permanently and an example of the "rm" command is displayed.
| Patch for "" detects if alternative or default
| DATABASEDIR is active, formats and displays the message accordingly.
| 4.- After above modifications, there's no need of creating and removing
| automatically the DATABASEDIR.
| Patch for "pkg-plist" disables the creation and deletion of the

I have committed these changes as part of OpenLDAP 2.4.11, thanks for
your submission!

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