firefox3 port missing firefox-config or firefox3-config

Naram Qashat cyberbotx at
Sat Jul 19 05:56:13 UTC 2008

Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:06:02 -0500, Naram Qashat 
> <cyberbotx at> wrote:
>> I was trying to modify the VLC port to enable the Firefox plugin, but 
>> when I added firefox3 to the list of USE_GECKO and tried to build the 
>> port, it complained saying it couldn't find firefox3-config.  I 
>> checked my system, and there is no firefox3-config, but back when I 
>> had firefox2 installed, there was a firefox-config on my system.  I 
>> couldn't find where in to add firefox3-config to the 
>> plist or where in firefox3's Makefile it would need to be added.  Any 
>> advice on the matter would be helpful.
> Because Firefox 3 does not install this file and *.pc (pkg-config files) 
> anymore. Everytime when I have tried to search for answer and reason why 
> they changed it. I end up hit the wall. Perhaps, they asked in the wrong 
> place. Also it's hard to find a good keyword to search in google 
> (Mozilla is using google search for their website/newsgroups). If you 
> can find it, I would love to know about it. Everything what jong357 
> (forum user) knows are same what I know in our search, but he has 
> pointed that there is answer in mailing list that I can't find.
> I have told my team about that somehow I think that Mozilla developers 
> want us to start to use xulrunner for SDK/build stuff rather than on 
> Firefox, Seamonkey and etc. I think that xulrunner 1.9 does install *.pc 
> files and probably xulrunner-config too.

I did a little digging on my own, and found two more threads talking about this:

Both mention the same thing, that xulrunner should be used to get the correct 
Mozilla configuration files.  I also just tried to build vlc after manually 
editing it's Makefile to have xulrunner at the beginning of the WANT_GECKO line 
and removing the .include to, and it found xulrunner-config after 
installing xulrunner, so I assume that's how it should be done from now on.  I 
think this means that using anything but xulrunner for WANT_GECKO or USE_GECKO 
won't work as planned anymore.

Naram Qashat

> -- 
> While I am here, our firefox3 port still need some improvements such as 
> don't use lib/browser_plugins anymore, because firefox3 can't use 
> firefox2 plugins or it crashes. I am thinking about maybe use 
> www/linux-mplayer-plugin/Makefile.npapi. Then create new directories 
> like lib/npapi/symlinks/gecko18 and lib/npapi/symlinks/lib/gecko19. 
> Other more improvements like clean up in and gecko ports.
> I am slowing and lacking motivative, because I dislike any Mozilla 
> products and my box is slow for build/install test. I am being patient 
> to work with these, so I would love someone (that actually like Mozilla 
> product and have motivative) to jump in and take over. ;-)
> Cheers,
> Mezz
>> Thanks,
>> Naram Qashat

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