FreeBSD Port: gd-2.0.35,1

Sandeep Sondhi sandeep at
Sat Jul 19 04:42:06 UTC 2008


Just wanted to report that this is not working on freebsd 6, with apache
2.2, and latest mod_perl. The png method of the GD::Image perl module
causes the errors below, but it works perfectly fine when running on cgi
instead of mod_perl.

I get these errors (apache error log):
pache in free(): error: pointer to wrong page
[Sat Jul 19 00:04:13 2008] [notice] child pid 19605 exit signal Abort
trap (6)

Unix Log:
kernel: pid 19031 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 6

I reinstalled everything fresh, including apache, mod_perl, gd library,
GD module, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Sandeep Sondhi
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