Naming convention unification for roguelike (games) ports and new make target

t_ziel t_ziel at
Sat Jul 19 02:33:50 UTC 2008


Please change text "rogue-like" to "roguelike" in all roguelike games, 
so after searching (in description on, not in port name!) 
with string "roguelike", _all_ roguelike games are displayed. Maybe this 
can be applied to other ports with "-" in name.

Also perhaps introducing target "make installnoask" is good to avoid 
many compilation questions. Instead of answering lots of questions (make 
install in kde/gnome folder for example) it's easy to type something 
like make install-no-ask and go for coffe (no compilation questions).

Tomek Zielinski

Tysiące pomysłów na urządzanie domu, mieszkania, 
ogrodu w jednym miejscu! 
Zobacz jak mógłbyś zamieszkać.

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