Submission of new port 'lastfmrec'

Tino Engel goaengel at
Wed Jul 16 00:22:28 UTC 2008

Dear port maintainers,

I have created a nice piece of software, and since it is working now,
I would like to propose it as a new port for FreeBSD.

Here is the content pkg-descr:

LastFMrec plays a radio stream.
While listening it creates one mp3-file per song and names
it after artist and title.
It can be run inside a shell or in a pop-up xterm (as browser plugin).


Can you please tell me, how to proceed?

The current port, (beta, all features, but only tested by me and 1
other person) can be downloaded from

I followed the porters handbook instructions carefully and did all

Nevertheless, this is my first port, so I cannot guarantee, i
structured something in an improper way, although i do not think so.

I would be happy, to see lastfmrec in ports though.

Sincerely yours, Tino Engel

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