portupgrade to Perl 5.10.0 ??

Remko Lodder remko at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jul 11 21:30:16 UTC 2008

David Southwell wrote:
> On Friday 11 July 2008 14:02:09 Remko Lodder wrote:
>> David Southwell wrote:
>>> On Friday 11 July 2008 11:53:50 you wrote:
>>>> David Southwell wrote:
>>>>> If we had to argue for every port on these terms everyone would spend
>>>>> their time arguing and we would have none atall.
>>>>> It is not as though Perl is an obscure bit of buggy code that none
>>>>> uses.
>>>>> If there is a request then simply a response to your last question is
>>>>> needed.
>>>>> Enough
>>>>> david.
>>>> So, when can I expect your updated work on the port, build all
>>>> dependencies to make sure they keep on working etc? I understand that we
>>>> want to have this as soon as possible, but also do keep in mind that we
>>>> would like to make sure as much as possible that the code can actually
>>>> work. I am not aware of the reason for this taking longer then some of
>>>> you expect. But I am sure that there is a reason. It all remains
>>>> volunteer work and people might choose to do different things then
>>>> satisfy your specific need. Not that I am saying we shouldnt do it, but
>>>> I am stating that there is more then just your wish.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> remko
>>> This started because I asked a simple question. Is there a possibility of
>>> getting perl 5.10.0 and when. I did not expect the third degree
>>> <chuckles>
>>> Admittedly I am curious why it is taking six months when most ports do
>>> not take that long - but curiosity does not imply personal antagonism,
>>> criticsm or sarcasm.
>>> Thanks
>>> david
>> It also doesn't imply that you can "demand" that people import 5.10.0
>> because you want it, need it or whatever. It does mean that probably
>> work is underway but that it stalled or something for a reason.
>> "thanks"
>> remko
> I have hear no demand from anyone  only reasonable curiosity following six 
> months delay. It is:
> 1. reasonable to ask when
> 2. Courteous to give a reply.
> David
> David

And I told that you are entitled to do so, but your 'between the lines' 
stated more then just a question, which I ofcourse can understand.

You have had your reply: I think work is underway, we do not know when 
it's available, but it will be as soon as possible.



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