poscript display problems

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Tue Jul 8 21:16:09 UTC 2008

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Tim Kellers wrote:
> 55 completely blank pages

well, thanks very much, Tim.  You and Phil Ost tested, and I found out that our
FreeBSD-ports installed gs seems to have some sickness, when being asked to
display PS files that don't have embedded fonts ... because that's what this is.
 I'll be investigating it further.  I  have already verified that at least some
of the Linux-derived gs ports display this fine, so it's a ports problem of some
kind, because of the testing, and I know my gs and gs fonts are installed the
way they should be.

> Chuck Robey wrote:
>> Tim Kellers wrote:
>>> Send me one, I have gv installed (FreeBSD 7.0-Stable Xorg 7.3_1).
>> Great, it's attached, I really appreciate this.
>>> Chuck Robey wrote:
>>> I'm seeing some odd display problems, and I need to get somebody else
>>> to verify
>>> for me if it's a pan-FreeBSD problem, or if perhaps I have some oddity
>>> with my
>>> ghostcript installation.
>>> My problem is, on doc files from the Xorg project, *.PS.gz files (and
>>> not all of
>>> these, only the ones deriving directly from Framework .mif files) gv
>>> displays
>>> blank pages, and ps2pdf is converting to blank pages on pdfs.  If you
>>> have a
>>> moment to do it, and would write me, I'd mail you one of these files,
>>> and see if
>>> you can view them yourself.  If you can, I need to look harder.  If
>>> you can't,
>>> then maybe we all need to (because one of the Xorg folks just told me
>>> they can
>>> read them fine using gv).  I need some independent verification.
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