www/rt2, www/rt3, www/rt32

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at ridecharge.com
Tue Jul 8 01:26:14 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I recently inherited $subject ports.

1) Do we really need 5 versions of rt in the ports tree ?

2) Why is only www/rt3 marked ignore when as far as I can tell it does
    the same thing as the other 4.

$ cvs log Makefile
revision 1.49
date: 2007/03/24 20:38:13;  author: kris;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -0
IGNORE: this port uses a random gid in the range reserved for local
sysadmin use

$ grep IGNORE rt*/Makefile
rt3/Makefile:IGNORE=            uses a random gid in the range reserved 
for local sysadmin use

$ grep groupadd rt*/pkg-install
rt3/pkg-install:        if pw groupadd ${GROUP}; then
rt32/pkg-install:       if pw groupadd ${GROUP}; then
rt34/pkg-install:       if pw groupadd ${GROUP}; then
rt36/pkg-install:       if pw groupadd ${GROUP}; then

3) I would like to set EXPIRES=NOW()+3 months for www/rt2, www/rt3, 

Leaving www/rt34, www/rt36 where I should either fix the problem and/or 
mark them IGNORE until I do.

If this sounds good I'll send a PR in.

Philip M. Gollucci (philip at ridecharge.com)
Senior System Admin - Riderway, Inc.
http://riderway.com / http://ridecharge.com
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