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 Le 05/07/2008 à 11:32:07+1000, Norberto Meijome a écrit
Hi all,

> what exactly is your setup, on both client and server ? OS, version of svn, how
> are you connecting to the server ? 
> if you suspect it is related to 1.5, have you tried reverting to 1.4 ?
> does it happen only with your current repository, or with an almost clean one?
> ( this should be easier to test, and if it confirms a problem, you can use it
> to move back and forth between 1.4 and 1.5...i suspect they wont be
> compatible...
Someone on the subversion-ports find a solution. I'm not sure it's really
the reason of the problem. 

The solution is to increase the rate of inetd to 100. I'm increase to 1000. 

This thing fix the problem, but it seem very strange to me because I'm the
only one user when the problem appear. And I can to make 60 connections in
1 mn....

Thanks for all.


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