OO 3 beta

Harald Servat redcrash at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 15:02:46 UTC 2008


  I'm testing the OO 3beta that can be found under
ftp://ooopackages.good-day.net/pub/OpenOffice.org but it is quite old
(DEV300_m5) compared with the current openoffice.org-3-devel found in ports
(DEV300_m19), so I'd like to update it.

  Due to memory & space limitations I cannot afford building it, so I was
wondering if I can find this package on any repository.

  I asked to freebsd-openoffice@ with no luck.

Thank you.
Empty your memory,
with a free()...
like a pointer!

If you cast a pointer to an integer,
it becomes an integer,
if you cast a pointer to a struct,
it becomes a struct.

The pointer can crash...,
and can overflow.

Be a pointer my friend...

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