FreeBSD Port: quagga-0.99.9_7

Daniel Dvořák dandee at
Fri Jul 4 01:14:45 UTC 2008

>Very strange, but looks like this is a problem in system's rc, as my rc does not have 34978 lines of code :)

Hi Boris,

The problem I haven´t solved since February, when I met with him again by chance in July when dealing with another problem, a new multicast api in FreeBSD 7. I will write another report the following e-mail on multicast.

I found out that this strange number "[: 34978: unexpected operator" is not at all a number of lines of code, but it is PID!

It is a PID of daemon, which was running, but for some reason has been terminated, for example by signal 11 and an integral condition is that in /var/run/ quagga is the rest of the daemon, the pid file is opened.

So when a user runs /usr/local/etc/rc.d/quagga start|stop|restart so it just appears these nonsenses on some unexpected operators.

I can not repeat it because I do not know how to simulate freezing process expediently.

But I am sure that this is PID number, because in the list of running processes "ps aux" were two processes ospfd and one of them had the same number like the number in error message.

When I was killed the process with the number from error message and restarted quagga, the error message suddenly disappeared, it would lead to think that, between February to July the error unexpected end of the process become, and that I am, of course, it could not even see, and finally that it is rare phenomenon.


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> Hi Boris,
> Sometimes when I use quagga script for start, restart or status 
> commands, there turns up strange message about unexpected operator on 
> the different routers with quagga.
> I have some routers based on Linux and these errors are not there.
> # /etc2/rc.d/quagga status
> [: 34978: unexpected operator ----<<< strange
Very strange, but looks like this is a problem in system's rc, as my rc does not have 34978 lines of code :)
> quagga is running as pid 35227.
> quagga is running as pid 35233.
> quagga is running as pid 35239.
> Sleeping 10 seconds to obtain dynamic routing information...
> Thanks.
> Bye.
> Daniel

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