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Thu Jul 3 15:47:41 UTC 2008


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>I have just update m ports collection. My FreeBSD is 6.0-RELEASE, and when I
>tried to install clamav from ports collection it returned an error:

The problem is not clamav - it's your old and unsupported operating 

6.0-RELEASE is End of Life and no longer supported by the ports 
collection. There's been one thread about clamav in recent days, where 
the maintainer responded that the necessary support in the port for 
these EoL versions of FreeBSD has been removed.

You are strongly recommended to upgrade to a supported version of 
FreeBSD - 6.3-RELEASE or 7.0-RELEASE.

Information on the supported versions and their respective End of Life 
dates can be found at (look 
towards the bottom of the page).

FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE went end of life on 31 January 2007, I believe.

Best wishes,

David Wood
david at

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