Idea for next portupgrade

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Jul 3 13:57:06 UTC 2008

Sergey Matveychuk writes:

>  > If portupgrade can calculate the depency and launch many ports
>  >  build in same time for non-depending ports it's can be
>  >  wonderful. 
>  I'm sure it's a good idea. I'd use it too. But I have a very
>  little free time with my current employment. So I can't implement
>  it. Sorry.

	It is also my understanding that ruby (used to manage the
ports database) a) is not re-entrant and/or b) does not lock the
files it is using/changing.  Having two instances running at once
causes Bad Things(tm) to happen.

				Robert Huff

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