change in apache port configuration options

Vivek Khera VIVEK at KHERA.ORG
Sun Jan 27 18:52:41 PST 2008

It seems that the recent changes to the apache20 port Makefile.modules  
has broken how I've been configuring my systems.

In my make.conf file I have globally set the following:


which instructs many ports to use that version of Berkeley DB.

Furtnermore, in my apache configuration in make.conf, I have:

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/www/apache2*}

Now, this worked just fine for a long time, but as of the latest  
updates to apache20 port, I get this error:

Variable WITH_BDB_VER is recursive.

This seems to stem from the Makefile.modules trying to set the  
WITH_BDB_VER variable itself.  I was under the impression that the  
WITH_* twiddles for the use of the end user, not the port itself.  Is  
this correct?

The fix seems to be setting WITH_BDB instead of setting  
WITH_BERKELEYDB with the version.

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